Welcome to PTIR Database
Key words : tomato, protein, interaction, interactome


1. Search You can input keywords to search the PTIR database. Three search categories are provided: (i) Single Search, (ii) Pair Search, (iii) Batch Search. Both Sol ID and UniProt AC of query proteins are accessible. Besides, the full name or abbreviatin are both feasible in Single Search query.

2. Statistics PTIR data and statistics are presented to describe the prediction of protein-protein interaction and protein detailed information, including the counts of PPIs, contributions of each organisms to PTIR, number of high/medium/low confidence interactions, distribution of different node types as well as gene ontology annotation. These data will be recalculated when PTIR is updated.

3. Cytoscape Web Cytoscape Web is a web-based network visualization tool-modeled. Here, it is integrated into our web pages to visualize and analyze the involving protein interactions and corresponding members, where proteins and interactions are graphed as nodes and edges, respectively. The Adobe Flash plugin is required.

4. Expression The Protein Co-expression section of a PPIs page displays curated qualitative and quantitative information about the two interacting proteins' co-expression patterns under various experimental conditions, including different tissues, developmental stages, stress treatments and mutants.

5. Blast Blast search could be used to find the specific proteins and/or related homologues by sequence alignment. Both amino acid sequences and nucleotide sequences are accessible. But only one sequence in FASTA format is allowed per time. The E-value threshold could be user-defined.

6. Converter The AC/ID converter service allows users to programmatically convert the UniProt ID to UniProt AC of a range of proteins in PTIR. Only one protein identier per line is allowed.

7. Download We provide several files for users to download. The FASTA files contain all corresponding sequences as well as their identifiers and the PPIs files (e.g. csv, sif format) could be used to create local version.

8. Contact Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email: aaran.yue@gmail.com. We are very grateful for your advice.